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Van den Bos CM

Specialist in machines
for the corrugated industry.

Van den Bos corrugated machinery (cm) is an authentic and innovative family business with passion for the trade. We supply stand-alone systems, total solutions or customised solutions in the field of (corrugated) cardboard processing and logistics. We mainly deal with processing machines, robot palletisers and transport systems. These can be integrated into the existing system. Intelligent and intuitive software with strong visualisation is the common thread here. We think along with you based on your wishes and show initiative to optimise these with the latest developments.

Transport systems

We help you set up your industrial engineering processes as well and as efficiently as possible. From production to transport.
Through advanced corrugated processing machines and...


Our Software engineers are responsible for the software technical and electronic control of the robots and roller conveyors.
They ensure that the robots and roller conveyors are correctly controlled...

From drawing board
as far as production.

With our own engineers, we build on years of experience in machinery for the corrugated board industry. Service is central to everything we do; from designing conveyor systems/ total concepts, to supplying production machines and setting up customised production systems.

First-class quality products and services 'from own home'.

Our team of specialists is available 24/7 and fully committed to providing our customers with first-class service, anywhere in the world. With this, our service literally knows no boundaries.

Dutch quality,
international oriented.

All our products are originally 'made in Holland'. This is reflected in both the high quality and the European look. Thanks to our rich knowledge and experience, along with a healthy dose of willfulness, we have made it possible to create everything 'in-house'. Not only in terms of hardware, but also software; something that is becoming increasingly important in an environment where innovation, efficiency & sustainability make the difference in daily business.

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