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Van den Bos-cm, since 1999

Van den Bos corrugated machinery, formerly known as Van den Bos Sales & Technical Services (STS), was established in 1999 by Jan van den Bos. The experience gained by Jan when he worked as a manager in the corrugated cardboard industry from the early 70s, forms the foundation of the current operations of the company.

The team
The Van den Bos-cm team consists of skilled professionals, each with their own expertise. Our employees are continuously focused on finding solutions, giving customised advice and ensuring optimum customer satisfaction. Again and again. Because, although this profession is often centred around technology, Van den Bos-cm has the firm belief that people make the difference.

Short lines and a pleasant cooperation
With successor Paul van den Bos, the family business is in safe hands. Since 2007, Paul has been closely involved in all aspects of the company and follows the latest developments with a keen eye. Paul is seen as a ‘fresh breeze’ in the company. He is energetic, decisive and extremely motivated to go all the way every day for his customers.

Paul van den Bos:
“Our lines are short, resulting in personal contact, a pleasant cooperation and very good service. We can only achieve this with our top team.”

Our main goal is to facilitate customers as much as possible, always and everywhere, regardless of (the complexity of) the issue. This requires a lot of customization and service orientation.”

– Founder Jan van den Bos

Located in Almelo, destination Europa

Van den Bos-cm is located in Almelo, near the German border, from where we serve customers from all over Europe, with our neighbours in Germany as our main customer. Our corporate culture is characterized by a typical Dutch, no-nonsense mentality. This translates into a transparent and authentic character.

The Van den Bos-cm team consists of skilled professionals, each with their own expertise. Our employees continuously think along with solutions, provide tailor-made advice and strive for optimum customer satisfaction. Every day again. Because although this field is often about technology, Van den Bos-cm is firmly convinced that people also make the difference.

“Despite the significant growth that Van den Bos-cm has experienced, the personal character has been preserved. Our lines are short, resulting in a very fast service; 24 hours a day.”

– Director Paul van den Bos

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